Air Conditioning – Split Systems

Air Conditioning Think Big ElectricalYes we do air conditioning – Split systems.

With today’s inverter technology air conditioning is more efficient because it uses less energy than older units. They are quieter and with reverse cycle units, can both heat and cool.

When it comes to selecting an air con unit Think Big Electrical highly recommends Japanese brands like Mitsubishi, Panasonic and Fujitsu. The size of the unit measured in kilowatts will depend on several factors. Those being the size of the room, door ways and stairwells to that room, insulation in the ceiling, windows, how many people in the room and which way the room faces eg: North, South, East and West.
Airconditioning tips iconSome AC tips for healthy units:

  • The indoor and outdoor units need clearances around them to move the air and function properly.
  • Keep vegetation away from the outdoor unit to prevent plants growing into the unit and deter vermin.
  • AC units should be serviced/cleaned at least once a year. This is to get rid of any mould and dust build up, check for leaks, clean filters and make sure the drains are not blocked.
  • Allow easy access to the units for maintenance.
  • Keep all operating and installation manuals as this helps with servicing and maintenance


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