Ceiling Fans

Think Big Electrical ceiling fan installation

Martec Razor 28W Dimmable LED ceiling fan

Take the edge off the heat during summer by installing ceiling fans. Cheaper installation than air conditioning and a 60 watt fan motor compared to 1200 watt AC unit is much more economical to run for the energy conscious.

Ceiling fans also can come with LED lights and also remote controls for convenience or tricky installations.

Standard ceiling fans typically come in 3 sizes 48, 52 and 56 inches in diameter. The size of the ceiling fan will depend on the room size. 48 inch fans are fine for small bedrooms, 52 inch are good for medium to large master bedrooms and 56 inch fans for larger open areas like lounge rooms and patios.

Exterior ceiling fans need to be a higher grade of quality usually marine grade stainless steel because of the moisture and humidity in the outside air.

The difference between metal and timber blade ceiling fans.

Metal blade fans usually have a slightly more powerful motor and the blades have a greater angle to push more air. When it comes to lights for metal blade fans they are an attachment not built into the fan so they do hang a little lower.

Timber blade fans are quieter and the light attachments are usually built into the fan so they don’t hang as low.

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