Electrical Safety

Think Big Electrical - Electrical Safety


The electrical system in your house should be designed in a way to keep exposed conductive parts out of reach and inaccessible without a tool. All electrical appliances should have terminal covers protecting the electrical connection. There should be no visible damage or cracks on light switches or power points. If you can see the terminal of an electrical connection – it is unsafe. If there are cuts in the leads or power cords of any appliance this can be dangerous.

There are protective devices in the switchboard called circuit breakers and safety switches. These protective devices cover different faults and it is important that they are functioning correctly. Think Big Electrical can conduct an inspection on the switchboard and test for faults that you may not know are present.

If you are unsure or suspect a dangerous electrical situation in Brisbane Southside contact Think Big Electrical 0421 074 444 for an inspection so we can put your mind at ease.