LED Lighting

There are LED replacements for every kind of bulb or fitting in your house or business. The technology has come a long way in that LEDs are now brighter, use less energy and are also dimmable. LEDs come in a range of colours to suit your application. The most common colours are Cool, Warm and Natural/Day light white. There are also LEDs that can be any colour you want whether it be red, green, blue, purple, yellow any colour at the press of a remote control.

LEDs are more energy efficient and last a very long time possibly 10 to 20 years (based on 6 hrs a day) depending on use.

Let us look at an example a typical bedroom that has 4 halogen down lights 50 watts each that is a total of 200 watts in that room. Say we use those lights 6 hours a day when we come home from work until we go to bed each day. It would cost approximately $131.40 a year to just to run those lights.

If we replaced them with 4 LED down lights at 10 watts each (which is quite powerful for an LED) that is now a total of 40 watts instead of 200 watts. That is less power already than 1 of the original halogen down lights. It would cost $26.28 a year to run those LEDs for exactly the same amount of time.

The added bonus is LEDs last longer where as the halogen down lights will need their bulbs replaced every 2 years at $5 per bulb and eventually the transformers which you will need an electrician for. LEDs are more expensive about $25-$30 per bulb but they will last at least 10-20 years depending on the quality. Another thing is the Halogens are very inefficient in that a lot of the power is wasted in creating heat. They heat up the room by 1 or 2 degrees, halogen lights are even used to cook food and keep food warm.

Modern kitchens are now utilising LED Strip lighting to illuminate benches and provide mood lighting.

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