Low Tariff Metering

We typically pay about 30 cents per kilowatt/hour for electricity but there are low tariffs that are cheaper rates because they are off for certain times during the day.

The low tariffs are for appliances like electrical hot water systems and swimming pool filtration where they do not need power all the time.

Energex offer rewards eg: $200 to change those appliances to low tariff, this can significantly save money on your electricity bill in the long run.

If you would like Think Big Electrical can wire for your low tariff meter and you can start saving straight away. Below is an explanation of the low tariffs and links to the rewards.

Tariff 31

Tariff 31 is known as the Super Economy Plan and is the cheapest off-peak tariff available for water heating.

However, tariff 31 is only  available at low electricity-demand periods, such as at night when generators would otherwise be idle.

Electricity supply is made available for a minimum of eight hours per day at times set by the network owner (Energex or Ergon, depending on where you live) at their discretion, typically between the hours of 10pm and 7am . On some days electricity supply may not be turned off at all. This tariff is about 59% cheaper than your normal domestic tariff.

Tariff 31 is best suited to water heaters and can be a great way to reduce your power bill.

Tariff 33

Tariff 33 is known as the Economy Plan and is ideal for medium sized electric storage water heaters, solar-electric water heaters and heat pump water heaters. This tariff is also appropriate for other domestic loads such as swimming pool filters, water bed heaters and some freezers, provided they are permanently connected.

This tariff is up to 40% cheaper than your normal domestic tariff. Electricity supply is available for at least 18 hours per day and is switched via load control equipment supplied and maintained by the network provider. The times of supply are completely up to the network provider, but are generally outside of the hours of 5-9 pm.

Pool rewards: https://www.energex.com.au/residential-and-business/positive-payback/positive-payback-for-households/pool-rewards-program

Hot water rewards: https://www.energex.com.au/residential-and-business/positive-payback/positive-payback-for-households/hot-water


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