Safety Switches

The only protective device that prevents people from receiving an electrical shock.

Safety switches are a protective device installed in the switchboard that cut the power instantly in the event of an electrical fault. Electrical faults can be caused from a number of things; for example faulty appliances such as an old toaster, kids putting metal objects in power points, incorrect or dodgy wiring, water in the electrical system, vermin chewing on cables etc.

Almost every circuit in the house is able to have a safety switch installed and soon all new houses will have safety switches on all circuits. Make no mistake, electricity is very dangerous and having a safety switch installed can be the difference between life and death. For all the times you have lost power from a faulty appliance, that’s the safety switch doing its job, without it touching that faulty appliance could be fatal.

Safety switches are mandatory on power circuits in every domestic and commercial building structure in Queensland. Some older houses don’t have safety switches at all and that is a dangerous situation.

If you are not sure if you have a safety switch or want them tested please call Think Big Electrical.