Smoke Alarms

Think Big Electrical Smoke Alarm

Like safety switches, smoke alarms are mandatory in homes.

Did you know:

  • Currently smoke alarms need to be wired into the electrical system and have batteries in case power is lost to the home.
  • Smoke alarms should be tested at least every 6 months and replaced with fresh batteries.
  • Smoke alarms usually have an indicator light showing that they have power and are operating correctly.
  • If there is more than one smoke alarm in the house for example upstairs and downstairs, they should be connected together so that if one detects smoke all smoke alarms will sound together.
  • If there is a fire downstairs the people upstairs will know about it before it’s too late.
  • The positioning of smoke alarms is important as well, there are air voids in areas of the house where a smoke alarm will not operate correctly.
  • Smoke alarms need to be cleaned from dust and covered up when sanding inside the house.
  • Excess dust inside the smoke detector will cause it to fail.

Think Big Electrical can test and inspect your smoke alarms and install them in the correct positioning for smoke detection.

Important Notice:

Smoke Alarm Legislation in Queensland has changed this January 2017.
This may affect your home insurance if there is a fire.

We now need a smoke alarm in every bed room and hallway. They need to be hardwired if possible and have a battery. If the smoke alarm is battery only then it needs to be a 10 year lithium battery. All the smoke alarms need to be interconnected inside the dwelling. So if one smoke alarm goes off they all sound the alarm together.

Ionisation smoke alarms are no longer acceptable. Smoke alarms are only good for 10 years and should have the date stamped on them somewhere. Smoke alarms should sound alarm when tested.

Click this:  QLD Government information sheet to read more about the new smoke alarm legislation. Spread the word and let everyone know.

If you would like your smoke alarms updated to current standards or have any questions about the changes call Think Big Electrical on 0421074444.