Solar Maintenance

With most things your solar system needs cleaning and checks to ensure it is operating safely with high production. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on your inverters production to avoid nasty electricity bills from solar system failures.

Dirty panels – Just like your car, the rain doesn’t always get all of the dirt off. If the sun can’t penetrate into the panel they are running less efficient. Therefore, we recommend cleaning the panels to remove any dirt or dust build up at least once a year. This can make some systems about 200-300 watts more productive.

Shading issues – Shading significantly affects your solar system as well. Monitor the sun as it changes angle throughout the day to see if there is any shading on the panels. Sometimes it’s a good idea to cut back trees close to the house that shade the panels.

Hail damage – It’s rare because the panels are tough and there is usually a good deflection angle but sometimes we replace panels from hail damage.

Vermin damage – Birds, possums and rodents find solar panels ideal for nesting. Cases of rodents or possums chewing wiring under solar panels is quite common. This can be dangerous as it can start a fire. After we fix the wiring, we recommend to contact a pest control technician to manage the pests and prevent future damage.

Water damage – Sometimes poor solar installations can cause water damage, where water enters the conduit and into the inverter or isolators. This is a big problem and is definitely unsafe, the solar system should be switched off immediately. All penetrations need to be sealed and water tight. The Solar electrical system needs to be dry to prevent corrosion and bad connections.

Solar Inverter maintenance – Ideally we don’t want the solar inverter exposed to the Sun. Sun exposure reduces the life of the inverter.