Surge Protection

It is highly recommended that you unplug your appliances during an electrical storm and do not use the land line phone.

When lightning strikes harmful power surges can enter your electrical system. The appliances in your house are rated at 240 volts and when a surge occurs it can bring tens of thousands of volts. This damages your appliances and house wiring integrity. There is protection for “indirect lighting” that strikes outside the house for example: lightning strikes the ground, a tree, power lines or your neighbour’s house. Surge protection for indirect lightning limits the voltage and redirects the surge back to ground thus protecting the electrical system.

But wait there’s more! “Brown outs/Surges” occur when there is a power outage on the “grid”. For example if your street or suburb loses power because of a car crashing into a power pole or a tree falling on a power line. When power is returned entire suburbs of houses are demanding power. This causes a great wave of electricity called “inrush current” to travel through the grid which causes a voltage spike. These kind of surges can also happen when heavy industrial machinery is turned on.

Good news is there is also protection for this and both of these different forms of surge protection can be installed in your switchboard to cover the whole house. For a free quote on surge protection contact Think Big Electrical today.